Technology enthusiast, avid Python programmer and DevOps practitioner. Worked in many Health Industry projects as Data Scientist doing from ad-hoc statistical analysis to Full Stack Machine Learning applications. Firm proponent of using cloud platforms like AWS and Google Cloud Provider to ensure safety and scalability of applications.

Working with Biomedical and Health related data since my undergraduate degree. Experienced with several tools, including: Python (Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Jupyter Notebook, Dash, Flask, Tensorflow, Keras), SQL, Git, Docker, Linux, Javascript.

Led technology consulting projects starting with the Design Thinking to the Deployment and Monitoring for continuous improvement, using Agile methodologies of development.

Former neuroscience researcher at COPPE/UFRJ having studied Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques applied to EEG signals. Hold a masters degree in Biomedical Engineering and an undergraduate degree in Mechatronic Engineering. Always learning through several courses and from participating in inspiring communities (Github, Meetups and social media).

Passionate about high performance, ownership and making meaningful impact with my work.