Gustavo Millen

Experience - São Paulo, SP

Senior Data Scientist

Jul 2020 - Present

Funcional Health Tech - São Paulo, SP

Data Science Specialist

Apr 2019 - Jul 2020

  • Led the tech team responsible for LATAM clients in projects outside Brazil. Developed and deployed data engineering pipelines, data visualization tools and machine learning models to big pharmacy chains generating value from data for over 5 million users.
  • Developed Forecast models to ensure the most efficient allocation of resources making our customers faster than the market in making strategic decisions.
  • Developed a self-service system based on Causal Inference that allows business stakeholders to answer questions such as: What impact did my marketing campaign have on sales? Was changing the discount percentage efficient in attracting new consumers?
  • Responsible for defining groups of customers with higher business value (Customer Lifetime Value - CLV) guiding marketing strategies for retaining or recovering these customers (Churn prediction).
  • Assisted business partners in their e-commerce systems to increase their sales and improve their brand perception with customers with the development of Recommendation Systems and Market Basket Analysis.
  • Responsible for creating the algorithm and maintaining a live dashboard for fraud detection on the PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management) program greatly improving the audit team analytical capacity.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of the serverless data engineering solution for receiving, modeling and processing data from new clients reducing infrastructure costs and reducing time to value. Technologies: AWS Lambda, S3, CloudWatch, SNS, SageMaker, RDS (PostgreSQL and MySQL), Python and Terraform.
  • Automated the generation of clinical reports based on pharmaceutical consumption on the PBM program. Technologies: Python, AWS Batch, Docker, AWS ECR/ECS, Airflow and SQL.

Eleva Partners (Technology Consulting Firm) - São Paulo, SP

Lead Data Scientist

May 2018 - Apr 2019

  • Programmed a social media scraping bot in Python to periodically fetch data from brands. Used Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques on the content to get marketing insights. Designed the PostgreSQL relational database to persist storage of the data on cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Provider (GCP). Exposed the results via API, using Flask, to clients.
  • Designed (Design Thinking and Strategy) and programmed a proof of concept permissioned blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric) for one of the largests logistics companies in Brazil. Programmed the smart contracts in Go (Golang), containerized using Docker and assisted the development of the frontend using React JS.
  • Created interactive Dashboards in Python (Dash by Plotly) for career management of musicians with data from social media analytics and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Led the implementation of the Agile methodology with Scrum as framework on the company and adoption of management software to track OKRs such as: Trello (Kanban boards) and Slack (team communication).

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ) - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Research and Teaching Assistant, Digital Signal Processing

Mar 2015 - Apr 2018

  • Worked at the Biomedical Engineering Digital Signal Processing laboratory performing statistical analysis and modeling from electroencephalogram (EEG) signals.
  • Taught Brain Connectivity Estimators based on Multivariate Auto regressive Models (MVAR) for MSc students.
  • Programmed in MATLAB and Python for the course examples and exercises.


Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ) - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Mar 2015 - Jun 2017

  • Thesis: Brain connectivity as feature to classify motor tasks from same limb: human-robot interaction.
  • Experience with scientific methodology, statistical experiment design and evaluation, programming.
  • Worked with modeling of neural networks for classification of EEG signals.

Instituto Federal do Sudeste Mineiro - Juiz de Fora, MG

Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering

Aug 2009 - Dec 2014

  • Thesis: Lung sound analysis using Wavelets and Entropy
  • Project: Development of vehicle for the dismantling of explosive artifacts.
  • Taught Calculus I as monitor.

Instituto Superior Técnico - Universidade de Lisboa - Lisboa, PT

Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sep 2012 - Jul 2013

  • Studied Robotics, Automation, Production Management, Control and Leadership.
  • Project: Modeling and Control of Marine Robotic Vehicles.


Technical Skills:

SQL, Python, Statistics, Modelling, Optimization, Machine Learning algorithms (Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Bagging, Boosting, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machines, K-Means Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering), Keras, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Pandas, Scikit-learn (Sklearn), Numpy, SciPy, Git, AWS, Docker, Go, Blockchain, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Software Development, DevOps, Excel, PowerPoint, InVision, Linux, Terraform, Airflow.

Soft Skills:

Agile, Scrum, OKR, Strategy, Design Thinking, Leadership, Communication.


Portuguese (native); English (fluent); Spanish (working proficiency).

Certifications & Training:

Machine Learning A-Z, The Complete SQL Bootcamp, Docker Mastery, Gitlab CI: Pipelines, Continuous Delivery and Deployment.


Programming languages, IoT, Linux, guitar, craft beer, Austrian school of economics.


TOEFL ITP Score CEFR: C1 (633).